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Whats special about CTO?

Ronald Aai is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) behind Cloud Token. He also has the technical responsibility for Bit Beta, a company that develops the 4th Generation Blockchain. 

If you now think: Oh no, not another new Crypto Wallet! We totally get you, we thought the same.
The special thing with Cloud Token is though that it gives you returns on your crypto every day. (regardless of Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH or others)

That happens fully automized and without risk since your investment knows only one way and that is up!

As returns you get daily CTO (Cloud Tokens) in the value of about 0,33% (6% to 12% per month) on your investment.
You do not have to trade with your coins yourself!

A CTO has a recognized value and can be traded for other cryptocurrency at any time.
The CTO rises in value and increases your returns through those means even further.

Since CTO is still quite young – the official Launch was the 12th of May 2019 – a CTO still has a relatively low value.
CTO started with 30 cents of a dollar but already climbed up to around 45 cents. That is an increase of more than 50% in just 4 Months.

The earlier you start saving in CTO the greater the outcome will be –

a real gamechanger!

Why HODL and not hold?

HODL is a well known term in the cryptocurrencies community, its origins were in the year 2013. Today it is an essential term for taking on the stance of holding on to your currency and tokens since big profits are on it’s way.

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How are my returns distributed?

As returns you get CTO (Cloud Tokens) in the value of 6% – 12% of your investment each month. Those Cloud Tokens have a certain value and can be exchanged to other cryptocurrenys which can then be sold to your favourite cryptocurrency trader.

The amazing fact about CTO

CTO will rise in value over time! You will always be paid the equal value of CTO but the lower the price of CTO the more CTO you will get. By HODLing your CTO you generate even more profits over time!



Dave Shapira
Dave Shapira
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I’m totally from the future, so trust me dudes: Cloud Token is the standard for building your assets. Don’t be dweebs, use Cloud Token!
Delphine Leroy
Delphine Leroy
Brand Ambassador
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Es überraschte mich, wie schnell die passive Einkommensmöglichkeit aufgesetzt wird. Mit diesem einfachen All-In-One Tool kann man nur wachsen!
Eva Rossi
Eva Rossi
VP Marketing
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The technology of Cloud Token is the future! You will never miss the chance!
Thomas Brose
Thomas Brose
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Cok Tesekkür ederim PassiveIncome Ekibi sizin sayenizde ek gelir kaynağı elde ettim ve en büyük hayerlerimden birini basardim kendime ilk arabami aldim!



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Referral Code: 4944207471 

(Without this you can’t participate in this investment opportunity)

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