10 legitimate options that you can choose as a passive income source

If you are one of those people who are tired of working 9 to 5 or may be longer and land up making money only to accomplish your basic needs, then these ideas could be the exact ideas what you’ve been looking for!

Having passive income sources means true financial independence and a perfect escape from the 9-to-5 job. Find 10 legitimate ideas to generate passive income:-

1. Rental income

If you are thinking in investing in rental properties then surely it would be an effective way to earn passive income. This strategy demands good amount of space that you’re not using anyway and you can turn it into a moneymaking source in your life. There are number of websites, such as Airbnb, available online where you can provide your properties on rent on your own terms.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Well, we all must have heard a lot about affiliate marketing. Many website owners, social media influencers or bloggers promote a third party’s product by putting a link to the product on their site. Amazon is amongst the most famous affiliate partner, but eBay, is also a reliable name.

3. Dividend Stocks

Having your own stock in a company either directly or through a fund, you may receive dividends. It’s a distribution of a part of a company’s profits that it earns. Companies pay dividends on a quarterly basis out of their earnings, and what you are supposed to do, is to own the stock.

4. Advertise Your Car

Giving away your car when it is not being used could be the best way to utilize your vehicle when not in use. Reach a specialized advertising agency; get your driving habits evaluated that must include where you drive and how many miles. If you finally get matched with one of their advertisers, the company will wrap your car with the ads without costing you any charge.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is amongst the top passive income strategies that one can plan to go for. It has an important place when we talk about the passive income but many people consider renting out a property, and that is out of reach for many people due to some reasons.

6. YouTube Channel

Creating Your Youtube Channel

How ‘bout starting a YouTube channel? Well, we’re living in the golden years of YouTube; the growth is crazy if one starts on it. YouTuber’s can make money through various activities through:

• Product Advertising
• Sponsorships
• Selling branded Merchandise
• Donations by Fan

7. Earn credit card rewards points

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card offers various exciting rewards cards that can also pay you cash back, in hotel rewards, etc. It can also be utilized by combining with a cashback shopping sites.

8. Sell stock photos

Sell Your Pictures! Yes, photo websites like Shutter stock take your photos and you get paid when the client uses them.

9. Write an Ebook

Write an Ebook

For all the new authors in the market, Self-publishing they can begin their journey without going through the entire long process of pitching a book to publishers, working with editors, and what not. You can earn good profits if you know how to sell your book well.

10. Start a Blog

Share your words with the world! Let the world know your passion if you are enough enthusiastic about. You can begin creating interesting blogs may be for food, fashion, fitness, travel, financial ideas, or anything of your interest might be the perfect side hustle – and guess what? You can all do it on your own terms, and build several passive income streams, and unlock tons of new opportunities.

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